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Apple Mac Book Air 2010 Gets the Colorware Treatment
Do you smell that? It smells like fresh baked cookies and crazy packed shopping malls. That’s right, it’s the holidays again and many people will be scouring the stores for the best holiday gifts they can find for that special someone in their life. One of the most popular gifts many people will be asking for is none other than the Mac Book Air from Apple.

Now what many of you may already know is that the Mac Book Air is a great laptop, but it doesn’t look that exciting. There isn’t anything about it that makes it look any better than any other laptop out there…….until now. Thanks to Colorware, Mac Book aficionados can feel even more like an individual.

If you are looking to acquire a Mac Book Air 2010, it can be custom tailored to your specific color specifications. The only thing Colorware asks in return is a measly $1,850. Sure, many of you out there can make fun of the price and say how “expensive” it is but let’s be honest, that isn’t that much for a completely customized Mac Book Air 2010.

There is one, big resounding problem with this option from Colorware. Should you be one of the fortunate fancy pants out there who already owns a Mac Book Air 2010 you can not send it into Colorware to be refinished. You have to buy a completely brand new device from Colorware themselves. Customers have the option of buying the 11.6-inch model or the 13-inch model, whichever floats their boat. (Update – You can now send in your Macbook Air Design Studio for colorization.)

The devices that Colorware already has on display for their customizations are really cool-looking and to me it seems like they are really worth it. But then again the choice is up to you. However, they may make a great Christmas present.

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