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HP Spectre Laptops Available for Rent Soon!

HP has recently released a laptop which may be one of the most impressive laptops on the market. Coming in at a meager 2.45 lbs., the HP Spectre is not the lightest laptop available, but it is the thinnest at 0.41” thick.

HP Spectre_01

The design of the laptop itself is also impressive. The laptop’s screen is not connected to the back edge like traditional laptops, instead the Spectre’s screen is connected to the base by two gold hinges on either side of the laptop’s base. The sleek look of the Spectre combined with its black and gold color design makes the Spectre something to behold.

The Spectre is more than just a fancy table centerpiece. The Spectre can come with either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The Spectre also has an impressive 8 Gigabytes of RAM, and three USB-C port slots on the back of the device. Two of these ports can be used as Thunderbolt ports to improve data transfer. The USB-C ports may be a slight annoyance but HP includes an adapter so you can use a port for your USB-A drives.

The Spectre has several downsides caused by HP’s quest for slimness. One weakness of the laptop is the small amount of storage available in the stock 13.3” model, which has only a 256 gigabyte SSD. The Spectre has a graphics card that will struggle with demanding games and no cd/DVD drive.

Overall, the Spectre is a great choice for anyone looking for laptop rentals for business. The light weight of this laptop makes it a great choice for anyone who needs to take their work on the go, and the laptop itself comes with some of the best equipment in computing technology you can get on the market.

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