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Is A Tablet-Laptop Hybrid Better Than A Regular Laptop, Or Is It The Other Way Around?
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As it has been recently, we’ve been seeing a rise of tablets and tablet-laptop hybrids. It seems as if the production of laptops has slowed, and that tablets have jumped up to the main forefront of mobile technology. I personally still use a laptop, and I genuinely enjoy it. I don’t really have a need for anything touchscreen, aside from my smartphone. To some, it might be all about application and what you need to do. To others, it could be about what looks the best and what is, in fact, more mobile. No one ever thought that something could be more mobile than the laptop. It was/is a mobile computer after. Then the tablet came and it seems as if everything changed.aspire switch 11Now again, the tablet market is changing to add in attachable keyboards to the tablets. They’re being called tablet-laptop hybrids. The real question is, which is better?

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The Laptop Feels Like Home

When you use a laptop, you know you’re getting something responsive. What I mean by responsive can be attributed to when you’re typing or clicking on something. Laptops have the track pad, but there are some people who enjoy still plugging in a USB mouse for added control. Laptops are normally more accurate. You’re not having to type on a single surface screen. Not to mention the fact that laptops naturally feel sturdier. They feel a bit more productive than tablets. Think about this. The tablet has the screen and everything else as part of a single unit. The laptop, however, has the screen as a separate unit away from from the keyboard and “computer” part of the system. You can usually pack much more power into a laptop than you can with a tablet. That being said, the tablet has made changes of their own to adapt to user needs…Razer Blade

The Tablet-Laptop Hybrid Doesn’t Feel Bad Either Though

Tablets are normally used for more consumable content. Things like Internet games, YouTube videos, or just surfing the web or Facebook. It’s mainly for recreation, or at least it would be to the average user. Here is where the tablet took note. There were some who wanted to use the tablet for a more productive purpose but felt that they weren’t as accurate as they could be with typing things out. It was too difficult to get work down. Now, there are quite a number of tablets with attachable keyboards on the market. Behold the tablet-laptop hybrid and all of its glory. Now that there are plenty of tablet-laptop hybrids, you can have all of the power of the new tablets all while attaching a quick and responsive keyboard to make it much more productive. You can still use the touchscreen features even when the keyboard is attached. Does this mean that this is the new age of laptops though?

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It’s All About What You Need

At the end of the day, when deciding, you have to ask yourself the age old question; What do I need it for? Some people enjoy the mobility of a tablet and having an attachable keyboard essentially makes it a laptop to those users. That being said, there are certain programs that are designed for laptop use. They would be much easier to operate on a laptop, and again, there is more room to pack in more power with the laptop. If you’re going the gaming route, there is no tablet that could outdo a gaming laptop in performance or graphic quality. You can upgrade laptops as well. Should you want to upgrade your tablet, you’re going to look towards purchasing a new one.

When it comes down to it, opinions are still opinions. That being said, being productive with a laptop will probably be a lot easier than being productive on a tablet. There are just somethings you can’t beat about a good ol’ fashioned laptop!

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