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Laptop Rental Rates

Laptop Rental Rates“What does it cost to rent a laptop?”
This is a common question that Tech Travel Agents hear all the time. While the answer is based on several factors, the answer comes down to basic supply and demand at the rental location.

1. Type of Equipment (Laptop, Tablet, Netbook, etc…)
2. Equipment specifications (RAM, HD, Display size, etc…)
3. Brand
4. Location and Quantity
5. Current availability at target date
6. Lead time

Think of the rental rates like the stock market. It varies daily and relies on the current demand for that particular equipment. When demand is low (meaning supply is high), rental prices go down. So the best bet for a low rate is to book early and in advance of your target date. This will allow Tech Travel Agents to lock in lower prices BEFORE demand increases.  Also by booking your laptop rental early, it allows time to prepare and test the equipment before delivery which can lower costs.

Tech Travel Agent, Darcy Mann explains,

If the product is sitting on the shelf, it’s not making anyone any money. So we get the vendor to cut rates when they have a lot of product on their shelves. We get those lower rates for our customers.

This is the reason RentOurLaptops does not publish pricing, because at any time the prices could be higher or lower. Typically standard laptops rent for around $99 per week.

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