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Quickly Open Control Center on Mac or iPad with a Keyboard Shortcut

Control Center by keyboard shortcut on Mac or iPadControl Center by keyboard shortcut on Mac or iPad

Mac users can quickly open Control Center in macOS with the help of a keyboard shortcut. And to make matters even better, the same keyboard shortcut works to open Control Center on any iPad using a keyboard too.

If you’re a frequent Control Center user on MacOS or iPadOS, you should appreciate this tip.

To perform this nifty trick, you’ll be using the fn/Globe key, which is located in the bottom left corner of a Mac or iPad keyboard. It’s the same key, just labeled differently depending on the device.

Press FN+C to Open Control Center on Mac

Simply pressing globe/fn+C will immediately open Control Center on the Mac.

Open Control Center on MacOpen Control Center on Mac

You’ll be able to use this keyboard shortcut on any Mac keyboard with either the fn or Globe key.

Press Globe+C to Open Control Center on iPad

fn/Globe+C will immediately launch Control Center on iPad. This works whether you’re using an external keyboard on iPad, the Magic Keyboard, or Smart Keyboard with iPad.

If you’re wondering if you can navigate further into Control Center through keyboard shortcuts, the answer is currently no, but perhaps that will change down the road for both macOS and iPadOS.

Control Center has many useful toggles for things like wi-fi, Bluetooth, AirPlane mode, AirDrop, display brightness, sound levels, but you can also add and remove things you don’t want by customizing Control Center on Mac and on iPad or iPhone too.

Do you use Control Center frequently? What do you think of using keyboard shortcuts to access it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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