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The New Kno Tablet

kno tabletOn Wednesday at D: All Things Digital another tablet made an appearance. This tablet is going to be targeted mainly at students and should be launched at the end of the year. It is being called the Kno.

The Kno is a touch-based device running on a Linux operating system. It is comprised of 14-inch dual screens with each screen featuring 1440 x 900 IPS display. It weighs about 5.5 pounds and has up to 6 to 8 hours of battery life. This amount of battery life may seem impossible for a dual screened tablet, but the CEO of Kno, Osman Rashid, said that each screen will have their own battery pack.

The Web-based operating system that the Kno will run on has been specifically designed around the use of touch. Rashid said, “We are not going to try to retrofit something, we are going to build it from scratch.”

Kno is based in Santa Clara, California. It has 90 employees that have been working on the Kno tablet for about a year now.

As I said before, Rashid is targeting the Kno at students. He doesn’t feel that it will replace a laptop, but that it is a much more portable device to bring to class. He said, “We believe the laptop is becoming the new desktop,” he said. “It is going to stay in your dorm or in your home. This is all you need to carry around.”

Kno has not yet settled on a price for the tablet, but they are certain that they want it to cost well under $1,000. It will be interesting to see more details about the Kno as its release date draws nearer.

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