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When does a Chromebook suite you better than a Laptop?

Laptops have been into a lot of different categories over the years, but to be frank a lot of the terms used to categorize laptops are not really necessary.

For example, a lot of companies will call their mobile computers notebooks instead of laptops. There could be several reasons for this naming decision, including:

• Companies don’t want you putting laptops on your lap for medical reasons.

• The term “notebook” more accurately represents the thinness and lightweight of the product being sold.

• The term “Notebook” does not have any association with devices that look like this:

Although the terms “Notebook” and “Laptop” have come to represent the same kind of devices over the last decade, these two terms were not always interchangeable, and there are still some categorical terms for laptops that serve actual purposes. One such term is the word “Chromebook”.
An HP Chromebook

The one thing that all Chromebooks have in common is that they run an operating system developed by Google called Chrome OS, which should play the biggest part in a person’s decision to buy a Chromebook or get a Chromebook rental.


Chrome OS is a double-edged sword, as it provides much more security for its users, but at the cost of massively reducing the device’s versatility. If you need to do any of the following, do not get a Chromebook rental, get a regular laptop rental:


• run local programs


Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Being incapable of running local programs can be a pretty big deal if you are an event organizer or if you are using a Chromebook as your own personal computer. You will not be able to run any image editing software, word processors, or games unless you find them in a browser-based setting or if you find an application for whatever program you need on the Chrome store.


Just because I have some gripes with Chrome OS doesn’t mean that Chromebooks themselves are bad devices. In fact, choosing a Chromebook over a regular laptop is a great decision if you need something that has a heavy emphasis on cloud-based storage, quick response times, great security, or if you need a laptop with an insanely long battery life. If you want to run custom software though, stick with other laptops equipped with more traditional operating systems.


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